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Mr. Okuda, the homeroom teacher, is very kind and admired by the students. The teacher knew that I was being severely bullied by the delinquent students and gave me strict instructions. However, they were cunning and violent, and they held a grudge against me, and I was raped right in front of me. I couldn't do anything, but I got an erection for some reason... Mr. Okuda looked like this just because he helped me, who is such trash. But I feel excited when a female teacher I respect is circled... Worst but best NTR erection! !

SSIS-625 The names of special students and difficult interns
 Liên kết nhanh: 
 Mã phim: SSIS-625 
 Hãng sản xuất:  
 Diễn viên: Saki Okuda